Does team leeder need to add every players indivudual information to Torneopal?

A: Yes, we need every players name and number on the jersey. Juniors also need to add the birth year. All these information needs to be filled in Torneopal, where the team leader get's sing in instructions after the registration with email.

How we will use the player information?

A: Players names will be used during the tournament to keep score of the goal scorers for the match report and to Torneopal, where we add the results. Names and numbers will be seen in teams site in Torneopal and in each match report.

Does the jersey need to have number in the back?

A Yes. We keep score of the goal scorers, assists and yellow/red cards. We want to keep the scores as accure as it can be and that is why every player needs to ave a jersey with number and the number added to Torneopal correctly.